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Metal Spinning, the manufacture of symmetrical holloware. Metal Spinner, the qualified operator.


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Thailand Export Import Portal. Offering Thailand Exporters valuable export and trade related content, trade events information. Over 10000 import-export companies are ready to buy and sell a wide range of products.


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Sheet Metal Machinery
Bull Dog Industrial Holdings Ltd

New and used sheet metal machinery products from Bulldog

Titanium Distributors

Value added titanium distributors may be found at Titanium Metal Supply.

URL : http://www.placageslasalle.com

Title : Metal finishing

Description : Metal finishing and zinc plating no longer hold any secrets for Lasalle Plating, our family-run business has been a leader in the barrel plating and metal finishing industry for the hardware industry and decoration industry since 1979.


Title: abrasive, grinding wheels

Desc: Walter Surface Technologies has been a leader in the surface treatment technologies for more than 50 years, and has been providing high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical tools and environmental solutions for the metal working industry.

URL : http://www.ccimetallisation.ca   

Title : Metalisation

Description : CCI Thermal Spray / Manufacturing / Engineering is specialized in resolving wear and/or corrosion problems on mechanical components by applying various specialized coatings as well as by manufacturing these high performance components.

URL : http://www.solaris-industries.com

Title : Tubing manufacturers

Description : At Solaris Industries, we are manufacturer and supplier of quality steel tubing. We produce both mechanical, welded and coated steel tubing – and understand the people who use them.

URL : http://www.electrum.ca

Title : Plating Montreal

Description : Electrum has positioned itself to meet customer demand for solutions to their electroplating needs. We specialize in the highest quality gold and sliver electroplating as well as nickel, tin, and copper, painting and chemical coatings.

URL : http://cascadessprings.com

Title : compression spring, extension spring

Description  : CASCADES Springs inc. specializes in the manufacturing of precision springs, wire forms and custom metal parts, from prototype to production.

URL : http://www.chicagoscrews.com

Title : Screw posts

Description : MC2 offers a premium selection of Chicago screws in a range of different sizes, colors, and materials. A Chicago screw post is a binding screw also known as a “Chicago screw”.

URL:    http://procladgroup.com/

Title:   Weld Overlay, Induction Bending, Barred Tees, and Flanges

 Description: Proclad Group is a global manufacturer of internally clad line pipe, fittings, flanges, vessels, and other well-head components. Specializes in pipe fabricating, including induction bending, pipe cladding, and weld overlay.

URL: http://www.riedon.com/

Description: Riedon offers the fastest delivery in the resistor industry.

URL: Custom Circuit Board

Title: Circuit Board

Description: We can provide your business with all of your custom circuit board manufacturing and design needs today. Please call us today for a quote over the phone.


Title: Ball Valves

Description: American made ball valves by Valtorc International.  American made, great pricing items in stock ready to ship.

URL: www.wardrobes.org.uk

Title: Wardrobes

Description: Suppliers of  wardrobes.